Historic Twitter Blue Checkmarks Will Be Eliminated by April 20

Anyone willing to pay is now welcome to use the blue verification checkmark on Twitter. The fee for the checkmark is $8 per month.

A time limit of April 20 has been set for the removal of the historic blue Twitter checkmarks from accounts authenticated under the former admin, according to billionaire investor Elon Musk.

The blue checkmark, which was free in the first place for verified accounts of public individuals including journalists, celebrities, and famous people, is now available to anyone willing to pay.

As per Musk, the action is intended to increase the company’s subscription fees.

At the end of February, Twitter provided the link for users who wanted to maintain their heritage checkmarks and said that they would be phased out by April 1.

Twitter switched to premium verification, according to Musk, who also highlighted the need for income as well as the requirement to combat spammers. Musk joked in response to Stephen King’s objection to purchasing a blue checkmark, saying, “We need to pay the bills somehow!”

Musk has previously stated that the website would collect $8 on a monthly basis to authenticate users’ accounts in November of last year.

“Power to the people!” The billionaire businessman had tweeted, “Blue for $8/month,” in relation to the platform’s well-known blue Twitter checkmark, that the new strategy will overthrow the existing rulers & peasants system and bring in fresh income for the website.

Ten days after that, Twitter suspended its $8 blue check membership service because of the proliferation of fraudulent accounts.

In December 2022, Twitter revived its subscription model, Twitter Blue, which offered users the option to buy a verified blue checkmark. On March 24, the business internationalised this service.

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