How to Celebrate Independence Day in 2021

Are you looking for the best way to spend independence day with your family and friends ? Here are a few ways to celebrate !

On August 14, 1947, this beautiful nation was given to us. Pakistan turns 74 this year, and what better way to celebrate Independence Day than with family and friends. August 14 should never be overlooked or treated as a normal holiday, we should celebrate this great day and be thankful for this wonderful nation. No one can beat us when it comes to being hardcore patriots and showing love for our country, we Pakistanis really know how to enjoy Independence Day.

So how will you celebrate your Independence Day this year? If you haven’t decided yet, here are a few ways you can have a blast on August 14 with your family and friends

Decorate your home in green and white

Decorate your home with the Pakistan flags, make sure your house stands out to the public so they know how much you love Pakistan. Whether you live in Pakistan or not Independence Day is for all Pakistanis so make sure to always raise a Pakistan flag on the roof of your house. Decorating your home will also motivate the younger crowd as they get to see the value of this great day.

Visit museums and national monuments

Visit national monuments and museums with your family and friends. Tell your children and relatives about all the sacrifices that were made to create this nation. The Qaid Azam Mazaar is a great place to visit with the whole family, where you can have a great picnic while paying your respects. The Minar E Pakistan is a must visit on Independence Day for the beautiful fireworks and light show. Visiting a museum is also a great way to spend Independence Day. This way, you and your family can learn more about the nation and its achievements.

Physical activities and games

Nowadays, we are so used to sitting in our rooms watching Netflix on our laptops or Snapchatting with our friends that we hardly do anything anymore. Therefore, we should just leave our electronic devices and gadgets for a day and go out. Physical activities like cricket are especially fun with your relatives and friends. Going to the nearest park and playing soccer is also a good way to spend the day. Apart from sports, you can get together with your friends and play board games, cards and many other fun games so that you can have a good time.

Drive around town with your family and friends 

On Independence Day, Pakistan is buzzing with life and patriots are everywhere. This year, drive around the city with your loved ones on August 14 and check out all the activities going on. Places like Sea View are filled with locals from all over Pakistan spreading love. It’s a beautiful event that happens only once a year. We promise you won’t want to miss it, so make sure you don’t get too busy with your electronics.

Cook a Pakistani feast for your family

Every Pakistani loves local food, and what better way than to feast on their favourite dishes on Independence Day. Gather all your family members and friends and enjoy a great Pakistani meal of biryani, nihari, kebabs, tikkas and other delicious dishes. It’s great to sit around a table and eat together with your family, it’s good for you and makes you happy.

Watch patriotic films and shows

Gather around the television and watch some of the greatest Pakistani TV shows and films. This is a great way to spend Independence Day and you can watch all the classic Pakistani films with your family. While having dessert you can watch classics such as; Jinnah (1998), Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018),  Khuda kay liye (2007), and Alpha, Bravo, Charlie (1998).

Overall, we Pakistanis know best how to spread the name of our country. Pakistan is our home and we love our country. Independence Day is all about spreading love and having fun. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD !

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