Huge Companies Yet No Moral Code in Pakistan

There are many companies that have fired many different employees and all they can do is cry and demand for their rights.

Lockdown and COVID-19 has effected each and every country. Regardless of the fact that it is a progressing country or not, it has shattered during coronavirus. And that mostly happened, because major companies in the country stopped working. The economy, that ran through these factories are companies, had to come to a halt. Moreover, these companies also couldn’t afford to invest much in employees as they couldn’t see till when this would have lasted. Hence they started firing employees. And these employees were those who relied on their companies completely. And now they are left with nothing at the moment.

A video went viral on social media, where a company’s firing scenario was recorded. The company apparently was asking the employees to resign, so they wouldn’t be accountable. Obviously, the whole of this was happening forcefully. Regardless of gender, people were just being thrown out of their respective companies.

One can imagine how tough this time will be on such people. People who paid their rent, kid’s school fees, and managed to buy food are now helpless. The issue is, this would lead to issues like robbery and theft. And why wouldn’t it? These firing from companies has killed the source of one’s basic needs. Where should that person go and tp whom should they complain? Because in a country where companies are firing and the government is silent, it seems their hands are already tied. The only help such people are receiving is from NGOs. But then again, till when will they help?

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