I AM KARACHI Talks 2019 Happening Today

We've good news for all the people who have been waiting for the I AM KARACHI Talks

I AM KARACHI is an NGO which believes in changing how people perceive Karachi, the city of lights, which was once the happy and lively city that everyone knew. In the recent years, Karachi has become somewhat of a forgotten place where the residents themselves did not own it. I AM KARACHI came into existence to fight back and bring it to the heights that it was once at.

I AM KARACHI Talks is an initiative focused on building a platform where the nation’s most inspiring thinkers speak to motivate.  I AM KARACHI Talks stems from the idea of Ted Talks which is to provide inspiration to the people through an idea, powerful story and life.

This platform will have speakers who will deliver an inspirational talk about their experience with arts, culture, sports and dialogue.

The purpose is to search innovative solutions with new ideas – big or small, that create significant impact, enable growth and enhance transformation of lives. The goal is to have a positive influence on the lives of others – the Talks should help people overcome the difficulties that are keeping them from finding the right direction and purpose in their lives. This is what is needed in Karachi to inspire, innovate and motivate the people living in this city.

In previous Talks, there were renowned people who came up to talk and share their two cents such as Iqra ul Hassan, Natasha Baig, Anwar Maqsood and Kami Sid. They all have been very influential people; the topic for last talks was ‘Karachi is changing’.

This year’s Talks will be taking place today, the topic is ways of preventing and countering radicalization in our community and the speakers that will be there are:

  • Faheem Siddiqui
  • Naseem Hameed
  • Ahsan Bari
  • Sidra Iqbal

I AM KARACHI brings to you the 9th edition of the TALKS on Friday, 19th July at 7:00 PM – Stay Tuned!

Posted by IamKarachi on Tuesday, July 16, 2019