Imran Khan Tweeted About Kashmir Issue

Imran Khan talked about the Kashmir issue in his tweets. The Indian govt has made the lives of Kashmiris very hard and we need to support them

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted about the recent Kashmir issue saying that why is everyone so quiet? He spoke up about the issue saying that the whole international community is silent while the Kashmiris are suffering genocides. It’s true that these people are facing a lot of injustice and issues. Human rights violation and injustice is what these people are facing.

Imran Khan tweeted:

The whole world is waiting to see what happens to oppressed Kashmiris in IOK when curfew is lifted. Does the BJP govt think by using greater military force against Kashmiris in IOK, it will stop the freedom movement? Chances are it will gain momentum.

The Indian government is sending their army and troops to Kashmir. After the dissolution of article 370, the special status of Kashmir also dissolved.

Imran Khan also said:

What should be obvious is the int community will be witnessing the genocide of the Kashmiris in IOK. Question is: Will we watch another appeasement of fascism, this time in the garb of BJP govt, or will the int community have the moral courage to stop this from happening?

Although PM Imran Khan spoke up a bit late but atleast he didn’t remain silent. Our brothers and sisters in Kashmir need our support during this hard time. The Indian army is throwing cluster bombs at civilians which is injuring many people. There’s no proper way to communicate with the residents in that area. We need to take a step forward and support  them.

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