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Sohail Haider has a vast experience in the field of music and had been working in this industry for years. He has done some remarkable work that was worthy of praise.

Sohail Haider has a vast experience in the field of music and had been working in this industry for years. He has done some remarkable work that was worthy of praise. Sohail Haider also won many awards for his notable work. However, he recently announced that he will quit the music industry and instead of songs, Sohail Haider will not be diving into Sufism.

We had the honor of interviewing Sohail Haider regarding his announcement and overall career.

Q.1 How did you start your career in this field?

Ans. I always wanted to be a singer as it was my mother’s wish. So, I struggled a lot in my initial days to enter in the industry. Somehow, I managed to get in touch with some of the big names of that time. However, I will not name them as they ditched me in the end. I made my only album Rangoli in 2008, it took me 2 years to get on board with the releasing company then ARY music finally released the album in 2010. I made a big decision by switching the field and started working as a music composer due to the decline of our music industry. Luckily, that decision opened a new door for me and at that time I was in the top 3 music composers of our drama industry. I won 5 different awards for the best OST of the year, including Lux Style Awards and Hum Awards. In the year 2019, I awarded as the singer of the year which was like a dream come true for me as singing was always my first love and will always be.

Q.2 I’d also like to talk about your announcement regarding quitting the singing industry. How has it been so far?

Ans. There was a thought process of 3 years and it wasn’t easy at all for me to quit the job which I loved the most. My wife and I went for hajj in 2017 and that was the year we both started thinking to quit our fields. We researched a lot on this and finally took the decision to during lockdown. I decided to divert towards Sufi singing to spread spirituality, peace and love. From now onwards, I will produce Sufi music, concerts and anything that connects me with the purity of this universe.

Q.3 I remember you mentioned that you had some songs in the pipeline, will you be discarding them?

Ans. No, I will not discard them. Instead, I will give all of my unreleased songs to my close singer friends as they love my composition.

Q4. Will we be seeing you on-screen and on stage, do you have any projects that you’re working on?

Ans. Definitely! Quitting singing doesn’t mean I will not make any videos or won’t do concerts. You’ll surely be seeing me on-screen. I’m working on Sufiyana Kalams and will be releasing them one by one according to the situation.

Q.5 Did you and your wife, Dua Malik, decide to take this step mutually?

Ans. It is kind of a mutual decision, but I took more time to announce it. Dua, on the other hand, had already made the decision of covering her head back in December 2019.

Q.6 What have you and Dua been doing in the past few weeks during the lockdown, what is your routine like?

Ans. To be very honest, we have enjoyed a lot by sitting home and doing nothing. We spent more time with each other and our kids. We recited the Quran together with Tafseer and Urdu translation. I learned to cook and also made some amazing sweet dishes. We have followed all the safety guidelines in proper ways. Overall, it was really good for us. We also distributed ration bags and other necessary items to needy people under the name of our NGO which is ‘Door To Life’. We have covered more than 500 families with the help of Almighty, Alhamdolillah.

Q.7 How are your kids adjusting to this lockdown situation or are they too young to be bothered by it?

Ans. Yes, they are too young to be bothered by the situation. They are enjoying their time with their parents and are too busy having their ‘me time’ in this pandemic.

Q.8 Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Ans. I’m seeing myself as a businessman in the field of trading. I also see myself as a Sufi singer like Sami Yousuf, he’s an inspiration to me. InshaAllah.

Q.9 Who is your inspiration and why?

Ans. Rasool Allah (SAWW) and Hazrat Ali (AS) are my inspirations and I don’t think I need to explain why because everyone is already aware. Unse bhetar nahi kabhi koi aaya hai aur na kabhi koi aasakta hai.

Q.10 Any message or advice that you would like to give to your readers?

Ans. I will just say a few things. Try to be happy with your available resources. Give more and expect less, this is the key to happiness because expectations don’t lead you anywhere. Be true to yourself so that you can be true to others. Spread love and positivity as much as you can. Insaniyat ki khidmat ko apnay liye farz karlen.

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