Indian veteran actor Alok Nath officially under fire over rape case

After the #MeToo movement swept across India, many actresses and other women of the media industry stood up to bring light to stars that have allegedly abused their influence to sexually harass women.

Vinta Nanda had accused Nath of raping her some 19 years back when they had worked together. The victim had lodged a complaint on October 17 after Nath retaliated by filing a defamation case against Nanda. The case denied all the allegations made and demanded $1 as damages alongside a written apology.

Nanda recently came out to state that despite wanting justice, she would have forgiven Alok Nath had he shown remorse for his actions instead of denying them and feigning outrage.

“I was never in this for revenge. I want correction, not revenge,” she said. “Show some remorse, show some sign of repentance. Let me know that no other woman would be violated by you the way I was. All I see right now is an attitude of defiance and shamelessness. If that’s the way it is going to be, then I’ll see my fight for justice to the end.”

The 48-year-old says she’s glad that people are being outed for sexual harassment and assault since these are unacceptable things.

“Men who thought troubling women was their birthright have been forced to reconsider their patriarchal definitions of gender relations. What seemed ‘normal’ to them earlier will land them in serious trouble now. And they know it. That’s the difference,” she further elaborated.

Despite it being very forgiving of Nanda to be willing to let go of Alok’s actions with a mere apology, it is IMPERATIVE that sexual offenders are punished for their despicable actions.