India’s CAB to Stay Where it is.

Citizen Amendment Bill has been implemented in India and the opposition has filed petition against it in the court. Here is what court had to say.

India’s Citizen Amendment Bill has taken the internet by storm. With changing responses from the Police Officials and Government, it shows that Muslims aren’t much thought of. After the CAB was released, Muslims started protesting countrywide. And during those protests, many students were killed and injured. All because of Police rivalry. The matter was so tough at one particular time, that Muslims were seeing themselves out of India. The law was passed in December and was implemented on 10th January 2020. Against CAB, there have been petitions signed that have reached the India’s top court.

However, the court too seems to be okay with the passed bill. Infact, the court has given the government four weeks to reply to the petitions. Chief Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde said that the panel had three judges. And the decision requires five of them. But anyhow, he ended up the session saying “We will give you four weeks to file a reply to all petitions”.

The CAB was passed because the Modi Government had an opinion to provide religions with easy access, which are in minority in Pakistan. And well, that excludes Muslims, because Muslims are in majority in Pakistan. Which, regardless, is India’s biggest enemy.

However, the students haven’t give up yet, especially in Assam. They have stood up in opposition to CAB and will be fighting it till they can. Petition was the last thing they could do. We would have to wait till the next month to see how discriminatory the Indian Government and Court still are.

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