International Juices Comes to Pakistan

Pepsi has always been merciful on the people of Pakistan. In this hot, scorching weather, usually people opt for juices rather than cold drinks. Here is a juice you all should know about.

The thirst-quencher for this summer!!

In this sweltering weather, people usually avoid cold drinks because of obvious reasons. Usually, people go for juices, either the packed ones or those that are sold on carts, because of the originality of the fruits in the juice. It not only freshens them up, but also provides essential vitamins which any particular fruit contains and is necessary for the human body.  But how about sealed pack cartons with 100% pure juice in reasonable price? Say hi to Tropicana.

With its headquarters in Chicago, Tropicana is a product of PepsiCo and has been circulated in more than 70 countries, all around the globe. And at last, this juice comes to Pakistan. What is special about this juice? As mentioned above. IT IS 100% original juice made from the pulps of some specific fruits. For the time being, Tropicana is launching its 4 flavors in Pakistan namely Guava, Chaunsa, Apple and Kinnow in 250ml packaging. I think it is going to be amazing.

All we have to see is, will Tropicana keep their commitment towards providing 100% juice in Pakistan or will it give us their juice, like the other brands in Pakistan, with only 30% of the essentials in their so called fruit juices. We don’t think Pepsi is going to be unfair with their customers.