iOS 13: the digital snitch

iOS 13's beta version picking up on apps being shady

Apple’s latest software update iOS 13 is set to be released later this week. Users who have downloaded the beta version though have caught apps, namely Facebook, trying to access their Bluetooth. Um, snitch?

Ramping up with new and improved privacy features, iOS 13 is set to give users more control over what data can be accessed by applications.

It is an obviously known fact that Tech giants harvest user data in order to push for custom advertisements and such related things. They use location services, your social media activity and so on. These methods have been in place for a long time, and this software update is merely bringing them to the user’s attention.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, when appearing in front of the US senate last year mentioned that advertisements are basically Facebook’s business. The social media giant is being said to tap into the dating app industry as well. So it could be possible that all this hoarding of data could be for their new dating service.

Ahead of this iOS update, Facebook was quick to launch a blog post explaining their data gathering methods. I see you trying to cover up here Mark, nice.

Nonetheless iPhone users have the privilege of switching off location services and other features for every application. But just so you know apart from check-ins and events, they can still gather information through your internet service connection. Sounds like creepy level 2.

But let’s not disregard iOS 13’s efforts for trying to help with privacy. At least we would now be consciously aware of which app is trying to access what particular thing.


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