Is Bol Champions the Type of Content We Want?

Bol Champions managed to get a lot of views online but is it really the type of content we should be watching?

Bol has proved itself to become number one. No doubt that the rating and views of Bol Champions are skyrocketing, but is it the type of content we want to create? I’m not here to bash anyone but I watched some episodes and the last one was just too vile. Maybe I’m not carved out for such content as I couldn’t watch GOT because it’s just too violent. My opinion may differ from the others but to each their own.

Many would agree to disagree but let me tell you that this isn’t how reality shows should be. I know I may not be an expert but I do know what sort of content is good. Waqar Zaka has given us many great shows and I know he’s a mastermind but this one got out of hands. The last episode was kind of too much. I mean the auditions were great and everyone was given a fair chance.

I think we have the potential to create even better content and beat one of the most-watched reality shows. We’ve got most of the resources and a reality show where the contestants are actually given some tasks within the house would also result in better viewership. I would really give hats off to Waqar and Bol Champions team as they beat a very trendy drama serial and came number one in the trending section of YouTube. I believe the last episode was just a bit to handle much for most of us.

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