Is Kashmir Going to be the Next Palestine?

By time, Israel took over most Palestine, just like India is to take over most of the Kashmir, apparently. However, Pakistan is doing its best to counter it.

Since August 2019, Kashmir has been under the control of the Indian Army, which has proved to be notorious in the region. The Kashmiris are going through a tough time, as they have been barred from every single thing. The kids have been barred from education and the elderly can’t earn for the family. Moreover, there is or no weak internet connection, which has ut down Kashmiris from the rest of the world. This all happened after Article 35 (A) was revoked from Kashmir. Now, the Indian Government and the Army has full control over the region.

Kashmir has been a controversial topic since the 1947 partition. Where on one hand India wants Kashmir to be a part of their country, there Pakistan says that Kashmiris should decide their own fate. During the COVID-19 lockdown all around the world, Indians have started allowing people domiciles for Kashmir. This would help them in buying property and expanding their businesses in the region. The region, with 68.31% Muslims fears the 28.43% Hindus in the region, who now have a chance to take over Muslims.

It seems, that by time, just like Israel annexed Palestine, India would also annex the whole of Kashmir. This way, they would also take over the region without war, and would keep carrying on their brutalities on the Muslim majority. To counter this, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has approached UN Secretary-General over the issue. Imran Khan also tweeted over this issue, so that people are aware he is working on the matter.

However, if the issue isn’t resolved it will create havoc. And there are chances of much violence in the region. An action should be taken in Kashmir to protect Muslims in the region. But when will it actually happen?

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