IS Terrorists Charged in Karachi For Sehwan Attack

Two Islamic State members, who where directly involved in Sehwan Sharef Incident, had been caught in Karachi and are facing consequences

Nadir Ali & Furqan were presented in front of the Anti-Terrorism Court’s Justice against killings in Shewan. On all allegations being proven true, the court has sentenced both the culprit’s capital punishment for killing 70 people at the Sehwan Shrine. Moreover, they have to give 14 Million, to the government and the mourners, 200,000 for each death. These two were involved in the way that these were the facilitators to the bomber. They had provided him with everything he required. Furthermore, they have to pay 100,000 to each injured victim. Along with 10 years imprisonment for injuring them.

On 16th February 2017 Sehwan became the point of a terrorist attack. That attack was a suicide bombing attack following a grenade attack. Almost 70 people lost their lives owing to this attack and more than 300 were left injured. Moreover, the day still remains a dark day, as that was after a long time any holy place was attacked in Pakistan. And that too, with this intensity. Furthermore, according to the researches done and questions conducted, Furqan was in Sehwan on the day of the attack. According to Furqan and many other resources, Mufti Hidayatullah was the biggest support behind this attack. However, Mufti Hidayatullah has also been killed, and has also been involved in many other attacks, especially the Mustang attack.

It is a happy day for the people of Pakistan, probably. If these people are hanged to death, it would be better for the whole country. The sooner the better for them and the whole country, as there are still threats to the witnesses. May God save us all from such incidents and help us through such helpless times.

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