ISIS Attacks Maternity Home in Kabul, Afghanistan

Moving from Syria to the rest of the world, Afghanistan becomes a target of the terrorist organization known as ISIS.

ISIS has now come in competition with the Taliban. Taliban was the leading terrorist organization a few years back, but lost their hold after GWOT. While the Taliban were on their most, slowly and gradually ISIS started to rise from Syria. After  9/11, they also had a few years alliance with Al-Qaeda under Osama’s rule. However, things didn’t go the way they planned and the two had to part ways. Nevertheless, ISIS made less attacks but were more notorious compared to the Taliban. ISIS basically came into attention when they posted a video of beheading an American journalist.

Since then, the world knows ISIS. They had a stronghold in Saudi Arab and Syria, but now are spreading around slowly and gradually. Recently, an attack took place in a Hazara community in Kabul. The target was a maternity hospital in Dashti Barchi area. Around 16 lives were lost due to the attack, and sadly this includes two newborn babies and their mothers. The police had a long standoff against the attackers. Moreover, the security agencies were successful in rescuing 80 kids and mothers from the hospital.

Taliban then and there rejected the absurd accusation on them. However, ISIS acclaimed the attack and told they have now reached Afghanistan. Not to forget, a few days ago news of 2 ISIS members was received from Bahawalnagar, Pakistan. This shows the risk the two countries are facing at the moment. It seems that the US should divert their peace talks to some other organization. However, if the Taliban & ISIS are on the same page, it might get dangerous for the neighboring countries. Basically dangerous to survive in peace.

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