Israel Launches Missile on Residential Area in Syria

Israel launched several missiles on Syria's residential area, few of which the Syrian Army was successful in bringing down.

Countries who were at war, are still at war. The current dynamics of the world, that has changed owing to coronavirus hasn’t changed the state of war. Countries, who were into skirmishes and wars are still the same. Be it India-Pakistan Border, be it Yemen-Saudia, be it Israel-Syria, no one is willing to bring the wars at peace at the moment. And well, that is leading to even more deaths than those, that would have taken place only due to COVID-19.

Recently, Israel has launched several missiles on Damascus, while flying over Lebonan. The attack has killed three civilians and has injured four others. Prior to this, the Israeli forces also showered missiles near the ancient city of Palmyra. However, the Israeli forces were able to take action timely and counter all the incoming missiles. The main agenda for the Israelis to attack the Muslim Nation of Syria is to get rid of Iranians helping them out. The Israels feat the Irani Military and the Hezbollah fighting alongside Syria, against Israel its self.


Although, for now, these wars should end. Already Syria is way too prone to COVID-19. People living in shelters in Idlib are fearing for their lives. Basically, waiting for COVID-19 to infect them with it. What else can they do? From one side they are being attacked by Israel, from the other side Turkey is having issues with Syria. The country is crumbling down and, for now, UNSC & UNHRC, is watching silently. Let’s see where fate leads the Israel-Syria conflict.

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