Italy to Open Their Country for International Travelers

Slowly and gradually, the world is moving towards betterment and countries are gaining back the pace they left at. Here is a bit of news from Italy.

Out of the few happy news that is circulating around, the reopening of Italy is one of them. Italy was the first European country to have implemented lockdown amid COVID-19.  Regardless of the swift action they took, they had to face severe consequences. And the worst of all was to bury around 31,500 of their very own people. For a country like Italy, this wasn’t an easy task. They still are on number third in terms of death, worldwide, following the US and UK.

Although, now they are moving towards stability in the region. The cases are now decreasing slowly and gradually and so the country is moving towards economic stability. From May 18, the country has decided to open up Malls and shops all around. Itlay had already eased down a bit of their restriction on May 4 2020. But now they are also thinking of moving forward and open up international business back again. International flights are to take off from 3rd June 2020, to and fro Italy.

According to a decree signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, things will slowly and gradually get back to normal. The Health Organizations in Italy will keep a strict check on the health conditions around the country.

If other countries start following the same plan of action, things might get better all around the world. The pandemic is to end but the virus might stay. To bring things back to normal, we will have to follow what the government orders us to follow. As for now, life is the most important thing, and that is what should matter to all of us.

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