It’s The Copa (co) Copacabana Review!

Taste testing and we would like you all in on our little trip!

A real place from the far end of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but since that’s too far away, we have a little Copacabana of our own in Pakistan on Shahbaz Commercial. Our team went for a taste testing and we would like you all in on our little trip.

                                 C O P A C A B A N A

The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant is the comfortable atmosphere that is provided to you by the staff and the place itself. Since the name of the restaurant comes from the beautiful country of Brazil; so does the theme.

The paintings that are decorated inside the beautiful restaurant are great, though the area of the location isn’t much suitable to the quality of the restaurant itself, it’s not half bad. The staff is very accommodating and cater to your needs, but mostly let you be in order to just enjoy and feel the nature of the place. Visually the restaurant is pleasing to the eye, especially with beautiful Brazil themed colour coordination that is presented there.

We were presented with the menus and we were not disappointed in the variety of food we got, there were a total of 3 to 4 menus. We picked an item from each menu, Keto menu, Ala Cart and All you can eat.


  • Keto Menu

Keto Menu is perfect for those individuals who are into fitness and are always counting the calories in their heads, Keto is short for Ketogenic Diet which means that it is a is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, perfect for you calorie freaks. On the menu, we ordered Chicken and Cheese Steak, the chicken breast was grilled to perfection as stated in the menu and was topped with cheese to give it that saltiness, they served it with cauliflower rice mixed with red bell peppers and other delicious spices.. is your mouth watering? cause ours is just thinking about it. The dish itself was delicious, not too heavy that one feels full, and not too light, just the right amount of wanting more. 



  • Ala Cart

From the Ala Cart, we ordered the Bief de Filé Mignon, served with two side dishes of your own choice. They ask the temperature of the steak, however in our case The Filé was well done, but we wanted medium well. The sauce was quite delicious but the beef was a little too chewy for our taste. However, overall the visual and the taste combined was quite good, and we would definitely go back for this.

  • Buffet (All You Can Eat Mania)

If you are a meat lover and are looking for something which is not Pan Asian, then you have to visit Copacabana. They deserve recognition for bringing a fresh, new flavour for Karachi’s taste palette. The food was absolutely divine. Everything we had ordered from the Chicken wings to the ribs to beef tenderloin wraps, it was cooked to perfection. The quality of the beef used was really good as well, tender and juicy. It was worth the money and its priced decently as well. Try it out and don’t forget to order the ribs.













  • Drinks

For drinks we ordered one Brazillian Crush that is for two people, it’s a blend of fresh orange juice, pomegranate and frozen cranberry that is first shaken and then served with ice, it’s an explosion of fruity punch in your mouth that just blends so well with all the savoury dishes you order. But if you’re not much of a sweet tooth then there are other drinks such as Mojito and Mint Lemonade, that balance out the taste of the food perfectly for you.

Ambience:4 out of 5

Food:4 out of 5

We are tired of eating the same food, that is served across 80% of all restaurants in Karachi, its become monotonous eating out now. The only options are either desi or non-desi, nothing else. Copacabana is a new taste for our taste buds and we are not complaining. So next time if you’re in the neighbourhood or are just craving some delicious food, you know where to head on to.