Justice For Kashmir Banner

Plane Flies Over With Justice For Kashmir Banner

Banners with slogans “#Justice for Kashmir” and “India stop genocide & free Kashmir” were flown over during India’s World Cup match with Sri Lanka on Saturday. The plane appeared minutes after the match began.

This was the second incident in the World Cup in Wales, England after another banner was flown over the same ground in Leeds during match between Pakistan Vs Afghanistan displaying the slogan ‘Justice for Balochistan’.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) issued a statement saying that it was disappointing that the incident happened again.

It said, “We are incredibly disappointed this has happened again. We do not condone any sort of political messages at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. Throughout the tournament, we have worked with local police forces around the country to prevent this type of protest occurring. After the previous incident, we were assured by West Yorkshire Police there would not be a repeat of this issue, so we are very dissatisfied it has happened again.”

It was an unnamed aircraft and is not yet know who was flying it.