Kaavan The Elephant Gets Grand Farewell

The world's loneliest elephant, Kaavan The Elephant, was serenaded for the last time in Islamabad before being sent to Cambodia.

Known as ‘The World’s Loneliest Elephant’, Kaavan The Elephant is now finally being shifted from Islamabad to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary where he can be with other elephants and make new friends!

Kaavan the elephant has been kept in captivity for over 35 years, the poor thing had one companion named Saheli, but as Saheli passed away in 2012- he was left all alone and was constantly kept in chains and short leashes in the zoo.

Due to his loneliness, Kaavan the elephant became extremely aggressive towards humans and was unmanageable by the zookeepers which is why they kept him in chains 24/7. However, as soon as this news reached the public that the poor elephant was always tied up, it caused an uproar.

Animal activists around the world and celebrities including US singer Cher lobbied for his relocation. With several protests and petitions filed for Kaavan the elephant’s relocation, in October, the government finally announced that he will be moved into a Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia.

However, after inspections from the vet- they claimed that Kaavan the elephant was seriously ill, he was mentally not fit, and overweight due to the lack of exercise. A rescue organization named Four Paws took on the task to look after Kaavan and make him better.

Four Paw’s vet, Amir Khalil, used to sing Frank Sinatra to Kaavan the elephant, and according to him it would calm him down and that’s how they bonded.

On 23rd November, after the finalization of Kaavan the elephant’s move to Cambodia, several officials gathered along and threw a farewell party for Kaavan with balloons and signs reading ‘we will miss you.’ Children posed for photos, and musicians serenaded the elephant while he munched on grass.

Islamabad bids bittersweet farewell to Kaavan - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

Four Paws spokeswoman, Marion Lombard, said that although it is never easy to move a wild animal weighing 4.8 tons, Kaavan was responding well to training and was ready to leave. “We decided to organize an event to allow the people of Pakistan and the government to say goodbye to Kaavan before his new life in Cambodia. So, we want to wish him a happy retirement,” she said.

Kaavan the elephant shall be airlifted to Cambodia after weeks of training with multiple international specialists to get him comfortable with the small enclosure and loud noises of the 10-hour flight. His flight is set to leave on Sunday, we wish him nothing but a long, healthy, and happy life!

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