Ketchup Over Everything – Aamir and Zoya From Habs Redefine Loyalty

The recent episode of Habs had a sequence in which Aamir is worried about Zoya leaving angrily without ketchup, which has sparked a meme craze online.

The internet has made up its mind after Zoya leaves behind ketchup and Aamir is worried: ketchup rules over everything, including family.

The romance between Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah on Drama Habs has drawn viewers in, but this time, a different duo is on everyone’s minds. Online users have been discussing a scene from the show’s most recent episode in which Janice Tessa’s character, Zoya, storms off the dinner table with three slices of pizza and no ketchup. With tears in his eyes, her husband Aamir, who Hamzah Tariq Jamil portrays, then utters the famous phrase “ketchup bhi nahi le kar gayi woh” (she didn’t even take the ketchup).

Everyone is reevaluating their requirements for a spouse due to online rants about Aamir’s priorities and meticulous attention to detail. They are good if they are concerned about your ketchup.

Here is what the internet had to say about this scene from Habs where loyalty has been redefined.

Not caring about your Ketchup is a red flag now.

He is not the one even though he is a 10 if he is not worried about you forgetting ketchup with pizza. Boy, leave.

Cut him off if not having ketchup is not one of his worries.

Loyalty redefined

Aim for something realistic like ketchup or else don’t.

Pakistanis take their condiments quite seriously.

After all the fights and the loyalty check Pakistanis got from the scene, Zoya received her ketchup and she did not have to eat those three slices of pizza dry.

The scene may have changed the dynamics of relationships in Pakistan. From all those typical unrealistic promises like getting the moon and stars for your partner to caring about small details like how they like their food or in this case pizza.

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