Kinza Hashmi’s “Leaked Video” and What It Lacked

Kinza Hashmi recently starred in a short film called Leaked Video which tried to raise awareness against revenge porn, however, wasn't the best attempt.

Pakistani actress, Kinza Hashmi, recently starred in a short video, Leaked Video, directed by Aabis Raza brought to you by Elements Prime. The video is basically based around the culture of harassing women for nudes and then violating their privacy by leaking those photos/videos.

The Leaked Video production team says, “Be very careful when someone asks for your nude videos and pictures even if it is your fiancee or husband. You never know where they will end up and what mayhem they may bring to your life. Short film Leaked Video starring the amazing Kinza Hashmi and directed by Aabis Raza only on Elements Prime”


The video is supposed to be educational and raise awareness around young girls and women to not fall prey to such acts of revenge porn or manipulation. in Leaked Video, Kinza Hashmi plays the role of Meerab, a young girl who has recently been engaged and is soon to get married until her fiance begs her to send him a few videos claiming that they’re going to get married anyway so, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Upon recording on sending the said video, Meerab’s (Kinza Hashmi) fiance uploads it on the internet and all hell breaks loose. However, while I applaud the effort to create such content and bring awareness into Pakistani society, the narrative Leaked Video portrays is way off.

Leaked Video while trying to build a message that condemns such acts, somehow ends up blaming and shaming the girl for doing so while barely holding the guy accountable for the act. The video further shows how Kinza Hashmi’s character is beaten up by her mother because “humari izzat ka kya hoga?”  To top it off, in another scenario, where they show that the mother acts like she doesn’t know anything and is really happy with her daughter and her marriage, had secretly poisoned their teas and basically just commits murder-suicide by killing herself and her daughter.

The frustration and shame are understandable under such circumstances, however, to portray such extreme conditions aren’t very wise, especially to such an impressionable audience. What Leaked Video lacked was trying to teach women that this is not the end of the world. While you shouldn’t be sending such videos, to begin with, however, if you ever have, it’s not like you deserve to die. It is important to teach women and even men what consent is and the difference between consent and manipulation. If something makes you uncomfortable regardless of how small or big, you shouldn’t do it. Moreover, if you happen to ever become victim to such manipulation, it is essential to teach the people to rise above it NOT think that it’s the end of the world, not the “ab hum kisi ko munh nahi dekha sakte.”

All in all, Kinza Hashmi is a splendid actor and she always wows us with her amazing performances and while Leaked Video was a step in the right direction by Aabis Raza, it lacked several messages that the people today need.

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