Kund Malir is your weekend getaway from the city

Near the Makran Coast, Kund Malir has one of the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan, ideal to be your weekend getaway

Pakistan’s tourism services have been thriving over the years, and honestly its great. Trips to the northern areas have been the most popular, but I think its time people look towards Balochistan.

Kund Malir is a coastal area in Balochistan, just off the Makran Coast with a beach so beautiful. It’s bound to make you feel like you’re not in Pakistan, because you know, any sight that’s breathtaking makes every Pakistani go like ‘Lagta hi nahi jaisay Pakistan mein hain‘. Am I right though?

But no seriously, Kund Malir is the ideal place for overnight camping if you’re looking to get away from the city.

There are several tours that organize these trips frequently and you’ll find them on Google or even just Facebook.

Its an approximately 4 to 5 hour drive from Karachi. The area may not be developed or have much greenery, but trust that its got incredible views.

There is also a dhaba near by that caters to your basic breakfast and dinner needs, so you wouldn’t have to worry about food.

Trips to Kund Malir are great for stargazing too – the starry lit sky at night has a very calming feel to it. And the sunrise is too good, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Photo Credits: Myrah Anwer – click to view Instagram profile


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