Lahore Biennale 01

Pakistan's Largest International Contemporary Art event

 Over 50 artists and collectives including those based in Bangladesh, India, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, as well as from Europe and the United States displayed their respective pieces of work at Lahore Biennale 01. The two-week festival took place between March 18 to March 31 across seven major venues that engage with the city’s Mughal, colonial, and modern layers. LB01 featured several public programs including Academic Forum and Commissioned and Curated Exhibitions. Musician Ali Sethi and composer Du Yun performed on the opening day, while a performance by Salima Hashmi along with a performance reading by Naiza Khan concluded the event.

Shahzia Sikander, Disruption as Rapture, 2016 at the Summer Palace, Lahore Fort
Shirin Neshat, Turbulent 1998 at Summer Palace-Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi.
Director LB01, Qudsia Rahim-Photography Nashmia Haroon
Kay Walkowiak’s, Rituals of Resistance, 2017 at Alhamra-Photography Atif Saeed
Masooma Syed,Last Name Isabella at the Lahore Museum. Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi
Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi, Roz o Shab2018, Neon Mixed Media work at Summer Palace-Photography
Usman Saqib Zuberi
Aisha Khalid, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, 2018 at Shahi Hammam. Photography Atif Saeed
Muhanned Cader, Lost Horizon, 2018, at Mubarak Haveli. Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi
Atif Khan,TV series at Alhamra Art Centre. Photography Usman Saqib Zuberi
Ali Kazim, Lover’s Temple Ruins 2018 at Bagh e Jinnah. Photography Khalil Shah
Naila Mahmood, Karachi Kitchens, Alhamra Art Centre, Photography Atif Saeed
Bani Abidi, Memorial to Lost Words at the Lahore Museum. Photography Atif Saeed
Mehreen Murtaza, How will you conduct yourself in the company of trees at Bagh e Jinnah, Photography by Usman Saqib Zuberi
Sadia Salim, Reading of a Wedding Card, work at Summer Palace, Lahore Fort.