Lala Turki: A Pak-Turk Series on Khilafat Movement

A Pak-Turk collaboration may just be on your way, Tekdin Films, Ansari Films, and TRT Films bring to you a new series called Lala Turki!

If you spent your 2020 in Pakistan, you know that the Ertugrul fever is real. The audience was blown away by the tremendous performances by the Turkish actors, and there was much debate about how Pakistani producers should make similar content. The day may not be so far, presenting to you, Lala Turki!

However, there was also the fact that Pakistani producers could probably not afford to invest in a series like Ertugrul. So, an easy solution to this problem was: a Pak-Turk collaboration. Such a joint venture between Pakistan and Turkey would not only strengthen political ties and goodwill between both countries but would also benefit their respective entertainment industries, with artists collaborating together on a single project like Lala Turki.

Moreover, turned out that Tekdin Films, one of the Turkish producers of Dirilis: Ertrugrul, seemed to be drawn towards this idea. In an announcement some months ago, actors and producers Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed had revealed that collaboration (Lala Turki) was coming to our ways!

Tekdin Films has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dr. Kashif Ansari of Ansari Films and TRT Films which would lead to a collective project and Adnan and Humayun would be managing and overlooking the casting and production-related decisions in Pakistan for Lala Turki.

Pakistan, Turkey mull joint TV series Turk Lala

“This could make Pakistani entertainment go international,” Adnan Siddiqui said, referring to how a Pakistani original series is yet to air on a major online platform like Netflix or Amazon. Certain Turkish productions, on the other hand, were already major hits worldwide like Ertugrul. Lala Turki could help Pakistan finally reach the heights of internationally acclaimed online content providers.

“You’ll know more soon,” Adnan had also promised. Now, we do know a lot more about the Pak-Turk venture known as Lala Turki that is already being scripted and is scheduled to begin shooting once the casting and logistical considerations have been singled out. A grand, star-studded dinner in Karachi this past weekend was organized in honor of Kamal Tekdin of Tekdin Films as well as other Turkish delegates, which included Celal Al, who played the role of Abdur Rahman Alp in Ertugrul.

An official statement was released containing information of the Pak-Turk collaboration, Lala Turki, it is going to be based around the Khilafat Movement, which was started by Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar and Shaukat Ali Johar in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

According to the producers, the story of Lala Turki will be retold in the form of three seasons, 30 episodes each. The episodes will be broadcasted simultaneously in Pakistan as well as Turkey and are estimated for release in 2023, a year that is significant for Turkey since it earmarks its 100 years of its independence. This series is a way of acknowledging the ongoing support and friendship between Turkey and Pakistan.

However, people are still wondering what role Pakistan is playing in all this. How many Pakistani artists will be part of Lala Turki? “At least 50 to 60,” says Adnan Siddiqui. “It’s a story that spans both Pakistan and Turkey so a lot of Pakistani actors will be needed.” Will the title role of Lala Turki be played by a Pakistani or a Turk? “The casting hasn’t been determined yet. But the script is being written and it’s going to be finalized soon,” says Adnan.

imene ( Rümeysa Nur ) on Twitter: "The series named Turki Lala, which means Turkish elder brother in the Pashto language, was proposed by Turkey and #Pakistan and will include actors from

This is exciting news! Lala Turki is not just news, it might soon become a reality. Both Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed have been posting updates regularly and soon, the casting process will begin as well.

We personally cannot wait to see how Lala Turki unfolds!

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