London Ki Soghat, Lahori Tarkay Kay Sath!

Now have Fish&Chips from Lahore to London Style!


My persistence is the thing that pushed OPTP to number one on the family weekend dine-out list. With this new winter release of fish&chips, added to the menu with two greatly different flavors; one Lahori style and other London style, I have been super eager to try it.



We went to Shahbaz Commercial branch of OPTP and ordered the Fish&Chips both the Lahori Style and London Style, both presented with their own unique signature sauces.

From the fish to the chips, the quality of the sustenance served was magnificent. Moreover, the two unique sauces served alongside was the best. With Rs.490 each, I would state this winter limited edition is a good value for money, impeccably fulfilling that undying chips longing at random times.

Overall, it was a wonderful involvement with great service that left every one of us content and filled. I would definitely recommend ‘OPTP Fish&Chips‘; OPTP without a doubt is an ideal place with incredibly great food and hearty service.



The ambiance was quite pleasant, OPTP has kept it basic however with a touch of elegance. With regards to the service, I would say the service was quite satisfactory as they respect their clients a lot.




My final verdict is that the OPTP Winter Edition is definitely worth trying!

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