LUMS Announces 41% Increase in Fee

Amidst the pandemic when many are struggling to make ends meet, LUMS announces a 41% increase in fees putting students and parents under even more stress.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has recently announced an increase in tuition fees amidst the pandemic. As the whole world is battling a virus outbreak, LUMS is not making it any easier for students. There’s a recession going on and many people are just hardly able to make ends meet. Whereas educational institute like LUMS, claiming to be a not-for-profit university, are putting parents under more stress.

Students have taken to Twitter to show their outrage with the recent announcement. The #LUMSFeeHike is trending on Twitter as they tweet their thoughts and peacefully protest. LUMS is one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan and also one of the most expensive ones. Not everyone is privileged enough to afford it.

The students are definitely not agreeing to this situation as the previous semester fee was Rs 380,000 and after the increase, it now stands at Rs 482,000. There has been an increase of Rs 102,000, which is a lot to digest for many.

One student tweeted:

NUST’s per semester fee: 90,000/- FC’s per semester fee: 130,000/- LSE’s per semester fee: 170,500/- IBA’s per semester fee: 237,5000/- Old LUMS per semester fee: 380,000/- New LUMS per semester fee: 482,000/- #LumsFeeHike

Another tweeted:

“Desperately hoping something works out and all of this gets fixed because I really, really cannot look my parents in the eyes and tell them they need to pay an extra 1.5lac for this already overpriced university. #LUMSFeeHike

We live in a country where education is not free and nowhere near being easily accessible. Institutions like LUMS seem to be their dream university but the prices are unrealistic, considering the per capita income of the country. Most students are on financial aid and for them, this seems like a nightmare amidst a pandemic.

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