Mahira Khan Encourages Everyone to Stand Up Against Child Labour

Individuals in positions of authority and with platforms should speak out regarding this "illegal and unethical" practice, according to Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan is speaking out on behalf of all children who have been forced into labour, calling the practice unethical, terrible, and illegal.

Mahira Khan urged people to stop promoting child work and to speak out against the mistreatment of child labourers in a video featuring fellow star Nadia Jamil posted on Twitter. Her pleading follows after a teenage girl called Rizwana who works as a maid in Islamabad was brutally tortured. The spouse of a civil judge, Somia Asim, has been detained, but the struggle over labour for kids and the maltreatment of children working in houses goes on.

She pleaded with the nation to “understand this and stop it” for the glory of God, youngsters, and the nation. She wasn’t requesting the children’s parents, though. “My message is not for the parents who are forced to send their children to work out of necessity. No parent would want their children to be working at an age when they should be playing and going to school,” Mahira Khan remarked.

The Rizwana incident, as well as the homes [these sorts of events] typically take place in, are typically owned by highly influential and highly educated people. “Why? Maybe because they know they will get bail easily, there’s no accountability for them,” Mahira remarked.

“So this appeal of mine is to people like me and you, to people like us, people who are in positions of power, who have platforms who have voices, who are lucky enough that we don’t have to send our children to beg and plead, nor do we have to send our children to places and houses that are unknown to us, where God forbid, our children are abused or tortured.” Mahira Khan said.

Mahira Khan pleads for everyone to speak up, for policymakers to allocate enough money so that these youngsters won’t have to go out to get labour, and, perhaps most crucially, for there to be responsibility in situations like Rizwana’s.

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