Makeup Trends To Rock This Summer 2019

Colored Eyeliners

Bold eyeliners, cat eyes are a sure shot look for the summer. Ditch the classic black eyeliner and spruce up your usual makeup look with a touch of bold bright solid colored eyeliner. A little goes a long way with this makeup look and a brightly colored eyeliner will give that extra push to make your makeup look standout!

Bright fuchsia,poppy yellow cobalt blue, neon pink and emerald green eyeliners are all set to rule the summer 2019 makeup looks!

Glossy Makeup

Turn heads wherever you set foot with this shiny, dewy makeup.

Remember when gloss had made its way out of the makeup trends and matte makeup had replaced it? Now, the tables have turned and glossy makeup is yet again back and trending as seen on pretty much all the fashion shows of 2019!

You can achieve this look by using

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Confused what makeup look to rock with that monochromatic outfit? Well,that’s what the rainbow eyeshadow trend is here for, to amp up any look you opt to go for. With the festival season already in full swing with Coachella held last month, this look is one to rock at all the festivities!

Achieve this look with any palette with a diverse range of palettes or also with a collection of single eyeshadows, your pick! A great way to play with all the hues in the color palette.

Douse yourself in a Pink monochromatic look!

Why so? Well, it’s without a doubt the color of the season being rocked by all celebrities and influencers alike and was seen carried by a number of famous celebrities at the Oscars and BBMA’s as well. Chrome Pink highlighters with a champagne touch and all sorts of rose-toned blushes can be worn this season,so pull out all those blush palettes and put them to use this summer!