Malala appeared on YouTube to play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and DAMN is she relatable

Malala Yousafzai is a girl who has managed to impress the entirety of the world with her courage and determination to stand up for the rights of women, particularly to gain quality education. She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate (in 2014) and studies at Oxford University currently.

Malala recently appeared on a friend’s YouTube channel, Miss Varz, playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ and it was admirable seeing just how relatable her personality is.

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a game in which certain scenarios and actions are mentioned and the participants answer depending on whether they have or haven’t experienced them.

The game usually has a tendency of getting rather scandalous but Malala’s adorable-ness and the accent pulled through.

It started off with multiple tries at an introduction because Malala’s hijab just wouldn’t sit still (Hijabis R.E.L.A.T.E).

She answered all of the questions thrown at her, and quite a few of her answered were rather surprising.

From eating food off the floor

She follows the 5 seconds rule too, guys!

To re-gifting presets given to her

‘It’s called recycling.’ Desi mothers rejoice!

And even leaving restaurants without paying

Talk about being rebellious, who would have thought????

Ok, it was accidental don’t worry people. They did go back and pay up.


She has also gone through people’s phones without permission

Cuz whose curiosity isn’t activated at random moments.


It was truly heart-warming seeing her up close and personal. Despite being an international icon, an activist and a girl who has had too see A LOT before her time, it was rather refreshing to see her still so down-to-Earth.

To watch the entire video: