Man Arrested For Burning His Family Alive in Sialkot

Even when the world is owing it's self to COVID-19, some barbaric people are stil not understanding how grave the situation is.

It seems like humanity has ended with time. On different occasions, many different people showed how capable they were of being barbarous. But there are some people who are so heartless that they have no emotions left of their own. They kill people without mercy, without fear of God or the people with them. They least care about society or family or what people might think or say about them. Such people are usually self-centered to the extent that they think they have the power to do anything in particular.

The same thing happened around a couple of weeks ago in Sialkot. Ali Hamza, who is 25 years old, murdered his parents and siblings in Sialkot. However, the murder took place because they used to taunt him on his bad habits. According to Ali Hamza, between 21st & 22nd April, he killed the whole of his family. He later set the house on fire so that it seemed like a random accident. An accident caused by mosquito repellent, apparently. But well, it was caught later.


Hamza’s parents had passed away on the spot & two sisters and one brother passed away while going to the hospital. Two minor siblings are still fighting for their lives.

Sadly, this is the fate of many people in underprivileged countries. People here die of illiteracy and are killed by their own. Very few people are of such a stone heart that they kill their own parents and siblings with their own hands. Such a person should be treated for mental health rather than being killed for murdering his own family.

For now, the culprit is in Police Custody.

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