Marrying Twice? Rethink.

Islamabad High Court has given orders, whoever is marrying twice will have to go to the court.

On the basis of petition filed by Dilshad Bibi, who has been a victim of the second marriage case where she wasn’t sought for permission by her husband Muzaffar Mir who married twice, the Islamabad High Court has put forward the orders to get approved by the Arbitration Council in case a man marries twice, irrespective of the fact that he has already taken permission from his first wife.

Not only women are happy with this, but so are men, so are those who look for justice in any every aspect of life. Marrying is a personal matter, but if done with honesty, loyalty and love, rather than for money or lust, which does count as an offensive crime. Not only are people appreciating it, but are supporting the decision too. Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is quite active on social media and social issues, had this to say.

It is quite a good thing, that our courts are looking into domestic issues, and this was their first step. Now, it’s time our courts should also look into issues like marital rape and domestic violence, which is a big issue in a third world country like Pakistan, and should bring in strict punishments for the culprits involved in this.