Maryam Nawaz Will Be Leading Rallies and Protesting

Maryam Nawaz has announced to protest and lead rallies

Maryam Nawaz will be protesting against what she thinks is injustice but says that this protest isn’t about it only. She will lead rallies and has asked her followers to join in. According to her tweet, she said that she will be raising her voice against the rule of law. She thinks that Nawaz Sharif has not committed any crime nor has Rana Sanaullah. The accountability judge, Arshad Malik, was pressurized to do what he did, according to his confession statement.

She said every Pakistani who wished to live in a free, democratic and just Pakistan must join her and collectively put an end to a system that is manipulated. She said in a tweet:

“Insha’Allah I shall be leading protest rallies across Pak that will not only ask for justice for Nawaz Sharif but demand rule of law, freedom of expression, end to manipulation of the entire system to punish public representatives, stealing people’s mandate, imposition of SELECTED”

Well, it’s a free world and freedom of speech is the reason why many can talk about whatever they want. These two parties have had a clash since long but this will likely affect the economy. This rally will take place on Sunday. Another rally took place on 7th of July which did not receive any major news coverage.

When Imran Khan protested back in 2014, he claimed that the election was ‘rigged’ hence, he was protesting out in the streets along with many other people. By 31 August, the government claimed economic losses directly resulting from the sit-in of between Rs 500 million and Rs 800 million. On 26 September, an adviser to the prime minister said that the losses had reached $6 billion (Rs 610 billion).