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  1. So Mehak, let’s start from the very beginning. You’ve had your heart (limbs & muscles) into fitness and particularly Yoga and other forms of exercises you mainly offer here now at MUV since how long ago?

It’s been 3 years to MUV but my love for movement really began back in school playing sports!

  1. What’s your personal favorite pick among all these enjoyable, thrilling forms of workouts and why?

Crossfit and Yoga has been a way of training, life and balance for me. I absolutely LOVE this combination of lifting and lengthening! Not only is it a great way to build a great physique, but the two go a long way in improving mobility, functionality, coordination, balance and mitigating risks of injury.

  1. What’s the vision or mission of MUV like?

MUV’s mission is to continue to create value in people’s lives through what the body was made for. Movement. I absolutely want MUV to be known for its integrity. Our clients trust us, our trainers and our advice, & there is nothing more that is more important for me in my business than to be trustworthy.

  1. What are the certifications you proudly hold? Or the certified levels of fitness you’re working towards as we speak…

Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer, Boogie Bounce Trainer. I am constantly teaching myself about all things training and nutrition related – certifications are easily achieved now and honestly, it is no feat to be able to do any number of them. I think the real value is in learning and application, through whatever mode available, and being better for yourself and for your clients.

  1. I believe aerial yoga is one specialty of MUV offered nowhere else in town or even across Pakistan if I am right. What made you bring this exhilarating technique down to Karachi and where have you gotten your training from?

Yes it is exclusive to MUV! Aerial Yoga happened to be a bit of fate and a bit of research for me. Kehkashan Nadeem is our certified Instructor and has not only gotten certified but has also taught courses to certify aerial yoga teachers internationally for the last 18 years!

  1. Also, what’s the response like so far? And what’s the minimum fitness level for me to join this class?

Amazing! It is the most progressive form of yoga I have personally experienced. This form of anti gravity yoga has tremendous benefits including drastically improving strength inherently, decompressing the spine – aerial yoga is low impact but hugely rewarding. Our camps run on a monthly basis, and are open to all levels! We make sure you make progress, regardless of where you start!


  1. How would you explain the importance of cardio as well as strength training to be in-corporated in one’s fitness regimen?

Any kind of resistance training, which is essentially a form of training against an external force, is the ideal way to train your body. Be it yoga, or weight training, resistance training increases strength, lean body mass, improves bone density and overall health. Couple that with cardio (whether aerobic such as zumba, or more intense in nature such as sprint intervals), you basically land gold 😉

  1. Do you too believe to keep fit and toned keeping your food intake in check and balance is 75% the battle won?

It is 100% nutrition, 100% training and 100% recovery.

  1. Is MUV only for ladies?

Nope. We have ladies only and mixed classes too!

  1. What to expect from MUV in the month of Ramzan? Any modified programs?

Lots to pick from in Ramzan. We understand many of you will be fasting during the month, and have done our best to have as many options, pre and post iftar for you to continue working out during the month! Also, TONNES of yoga! Cause everyone can do with a bit of yoga.

  1. How is MUV different from the mainstream?

It comes down to ethics. We do not misscommit or wrongly market. And that’s why we stand out.

  1. If you could pick a different career other than personal training, which would you pick?

I’d be a pro-athlete. Anyday.

  1. What do have to say about other similar forms of strength training and core condition such as Pilates or the newly gone popular TRX training or even barre workout?

Honestly, do what floats your boat. NO exercise is bad, but no exercise is bad. Get it?

  1. Do you hold command over nutrition advice too and grant healthy eating plans to your clients?
Usman Ismail Photography

Yes! I actually run nutrition seminars and consults whenever I get the chance.