#MeToo Campaign: Voice Of A Thousand Women!

Ever since, Tarana Burke, an American social activist, and community organizer utilized the expression, “Me Too” in 2006, and later popularized by American actress Alyssa Milano, it has made hypes on every single social media platform. The hashtag #MeToo is used to endeavor to draw attention regarding rape and harassment.

This hashtag has been breaking boundaries all over the Internet, while women are approaching and sharing their terrifying encounters identified with rape and harassment.

This began with the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. On October 5, the day the New York Times uncovered the cases against Weinstein, a huge number of individuals took to Twitter to impart their very own experiences to inappropriate behavior in the working environment, using the hashtag #MyHarveyWeinstein.

The #MeToo campaign in India has got a massive shake-up in media and entertainment industry.

In what is being viewed as the start of Bollywood’s #MeToo moment, Indian director Vikas Bahl has been blamed for sexual misconduct. An anonymous female worker of Phantom said she was explicitly struck by Bahl in 2015 after an enclosed party in Goa.

Following the scene, It all started when a few weeks back, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta raised charges of unseemly conduct against Nana Patekar, her co-star in a 2008 film. The year-old #MeToo development has since quite a while ago failed to flourish in India, however, Tanushree Dutta’s allegations of inappropriate behavior against veteran performer Nana Patekar appears to be encouraging ladies to stand up finally.

Appears as though this #MeToo campaign is coming in Pakistan as well.

Recently, Rabia Anum, who works at Geo News and hosts the popular TV show Lekin, took to Twitter and talked on the behalf of several young ladies who have blamed the comedian for badgering them and after that forcing them to remain calm.

In an explosive tweet, Rabia did not name and disgrace the social media star but rather exposed him nonetheless!

A few people presumed it to be Syed Shafaat Ali who likewise fits into the portrayal.

Syed Shafaat Ali has likewise ended quietness in regards to the issue!

Junaid Akram also came forward and put forth this statement:

Moreover, Junaid Akram continued clearing his image that whatever relationship he had with the third party is always consensual. He never blackmailed or constrained anybody to send him pictures or have an online relationship with him.

Another noticeable identity was focused under this Me Too movement.

Faisal Edhi, son of world-famous philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi and chairman of the Edhi Foundation, has likewise been blamed for lewd behavior by the previous journalist Urooj Zia.

In a progression of tweets, Urooj shared that she met Faisal Edhi to discuss fundraising money for a socialist gathering and he started to bother her after that first gathering, which she depicted as “common”.

She imparted a portion of her experiences with him, besides, she expressed that Faisal started sending her “irregular messages” amidst the night. She included that Faisal would frequently attempt to start discussions over text messages, offered to send her credit to answer to those messages and would endeavor to set up friendly terms with her. He additionally warned her that her party work would be influenced if she didn’t speak with him when he needed.

Faisal Edhi has been reached out to comment on this whole situation. He has, however, denied the allegations to other local publications, saying “I do not even know this lady and I have no idea why she is leveling allegations against me.”

He further added, “This is all a tactic to defame the Edhi Foundation.”

In October 2017, the #MeToo development spread virally over the globe, no one realized that it would influence Pakistan also. Meesha Shafi, Tanzila Mazhar are a couple of ladies who exposed famous personalities of Pakistan without getting stressed over the outcomes.

Yet to see who is next on the list of #MeToo. Share your views in the comments below!