Michael Atkinson Fired by Donald Trump

Michael Atkinson, the Inspector General, who told the Congress about Trump & his part in Ukraine, has been fired by Trump himself.

Have you watched the movie, The Dictator? You probably would remember Aladeen too. Well, Aladeen is Donald Trump. Trump does everything at his own will. Be it firing missiles, be it building Mexican Wall, be it relations with Iran and other countries. What Trump feels right, he just does it. His tweets on Twitter show his level of maturity and dignity being the President of The United States. In movie, The Dictator, Aldeen kills whoever he wants. Well, Trump can’t do that. So he fires people from their jobs instead. And this is what he did with Michael Atkinson. He fired Michael.

Michael Atkinson was the Inspector General who came to congress with the information of Trump pressurizing Ukraine. Trump was pressurizing Ukraine President to open an investigation on Joe Biden and his son. Nevertheless, an inquiry was set in the House because of Atkinson’s information, which led to Trump’s impeachment after three months. Well, that was surely something Trump himself wasn’t expecting. However, it did happen and Trump took his revenge sweetly. He wrote in the letter, obtained by Associate Press, that it is “vital” that he has confidence in the IGs. And after this incident, well, he somewhat lost the confidence. Legitimate.

Regardless, the Congress opposed this decision. They said that it is “unconscionable” that Atkinson is fired by Trump amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. “We should all be deeply disturbed by ongoing attempts to politicise the nation’s intelligence agencies,” Warner said.

Moreover, Trump has now appointed people of his own. Furthermore, the former acting Director of National Intelligence has also been removed.

All in all, we can say that Trump played well. Although he got impeached but his power kicked out the one who brought trouble on him. As they say “Power is power”.

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