Missing People Case

Around 700 citizens of Karachi have been kidnapped by unknown personnel. Who, where, what, why and how? Read to know.

Since last couple of years, Shia minority of Pakistan is on the target. Unknown, or so called officials have been targeting the people who are picked from their very own homes. The rationality of such an act has not yet been put forward by any of the government officials, however the basic impression one gets is, they are being captured because of the unaccepted believes. In the last couples of months, such kidnappings were on their peak and now the Shia Muslims have had enough of it.

Since the last three days, the Shiites of Karachi have gone on a sit-in protest, right in front of the President House in PECHS, Karachi. With no information on the whereabouts of their loved ones, the sit-in protest is to gather information on why were they arrested and when will these missing people be released. There are hundreds of people out there sitting all day long, regardless of the gender and regardless of the age. From small kids to senior citizens, either one is there to know about their son or inquire about the father who never saw his just born kid. Yesterday only, Mr. Jibran Nasir also visited those sitting there and supported the reason of protest.

With no media coverage at all from any particular channel, all those sitting there are looking for answers and loved ones. All those parents out there, are looking up to see their sons who they cared for & brought up, for anything but prison and torture. Hope they get justice just like every other person living in the country, because at the end of the day “Is parchan kay saa-ye talay, hum ek hein”

What do you say? Do you support this?