Mohsin Abbas and Transwoman Shyraa Roy Collaborate on New Song

The ‘Kamli’ song by transwoman singer Shyraa Roy and Pakistani actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has been released and we're here for this collaboration!

Pakistani actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider and transwoman Shyraa Roy’s much-anticipated collaboration, Kamli has been released with Shyraa featuring as the female lead of the song.

Kamli, the fresh collaboration between Shyraa Roy and Mohsin Abbas Haider is a classical fusion track with a few Punjabi Sufi lyrics bent within it. Both artists in an interview prior to the release had revealed that the song consists of tales pertaining to religion, honour, and love.

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According to reports and tracking the period between the first teaser and the release, it seems to be that the song was compiled over a duration of eight months. The song has been making headlines on social media, as the collab between a mainstream actor (Mohsin Abbas Haider) and a transwoman (Shyraa Roy) is a first-of-its-kind. It was about time the neglected transgenders of Pakistan received mainstream attention and worked with renowned artists from our industry.

The song, Kamli has been directed by Sunny and produced by Nail Khan. This masterpiece displays a storyline of two religions and the culture of Pakistan shot in the hidden breath-taking locations of Punjab. The music video of course features both Shyraa Roy and Mohsin Abbas Haider.

The song was earlier scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day, but an unexpected delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the song was released on February 21.








Shyraa Roy seems to be the next big thing in the Pakistan showbiz industry. Apart from her recent collab with Mohsin Abbas Haider, she has managed to make it to the cover of a Canadian magazine, Today’s Page.

Cover girl on Today's Page Magazine - Shyraa Roy on Google

Additionally, she is all set to star in an upcoming cybercrime film titled Hello Shabnam. Shyraa Roy is all set to join forces with music legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for an upcoming classical song. Prior to the upcoming music video ‘Kamli’, she released two singles, ‘Qareeb Aao’ and  ‘Dil Daariyan.’

Shyraa Roy has spoken about her journey and her story regarding being a transwoman in a Muslim household during her interviews with Independent Urdu and former Pakistani model Iffat Omar. Despite the innumerable hardships, Shyraa Roy managed to receive a double major from a university in Dubai. She is an inspiration and is leading an exemplary life. We wish her the best; more power to her!

Check out the music video and her interviews:

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