Monsoon Rains Have Submerged Karachi in Water

All we wanted was a pleasant weather but we had to face many consequences.

The heavy downpour in Karachi has created havoc in the city as the whole city has been submerged in water. Residents from different parts of the city have been facing difficulties in commuting as the whole city seems like a little river Indus, but a much dirtier version of it as the stagnant water has become a concoction of every possible thing you can imagine lying on the roads and gutter.

We definitely wanted rain, that is true but we definitely weren’t expecting this level of pollution and mismanagement. The ones who couldn’t go out due to flooding were trapped in their homes without electricity, the weather was pleasant but having no electricity is always an inconvenience. K-electric had failed to keep the supply of power running and due to that the citizens had to face power outages.

There have been many deaths as well. Almost 21 people have lost their lives due to the heavy rain and flooding, according to reports. Many people have been injured as well. There is a huge sink hole near Tariq Road too which has disrupted and diverted traffic. Traffic jam had made people wait for hours on the road. Overall, it was a disaster that had created chaos among the citizens.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the city received a maximum of 164.9 millimeters of rain since Monday morning. The Korangi road is still filled with water that has made it almost impossible to reach work places and universities. People living in the less developed areas had to suffer the most as their day was utilized in waiting for electricity and draining the water that had entered their homes.

Korangi Road

Korangi flooded with rain water making it impossible to reach workplace and universities.Video Credits : Mustafa Kaleem

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Wednesday, July 31, 2019