Munch On Some Of The Tastiest And Crunchiest Biscuits In Town

Ever craved of having some delicious and tasty biscuits, well this is the article for you. We highlight some of the best biscuit brands in the country.

There is nothing more Pakistani then having a plate of delicious plate of biscuits with that warm afternoon tea. Especially with your close family and friends.

However, deciding on which brand of biscuit to have is quite difficult to decide. Hence, we have come out with this list highlighting some of the best biscuit brands in the country.

1) LU

You simply cannot go wrong with biscuits from LU. They are super sweet, super tasty and are a delight to have at any major gathering.

Some of their most iconic biscuits are Tiger, Oreo and Prince, all of which are immensely popular among kids. They are not only rich in flavor but also make for a great school or birthday snack.

LU biscuits are extremely tasty and crunchy

If you are more on the older side of the age spectrum, you simply cannot go wrong with TUC. The super crunchy cracker is an absolute delight that is best enjoyed in the afternoon with a warm glass of tea.

Regardless, the biscuits from LU are extremely delicious and you should definitely give them a try.

2) Peek Freans

Another popular brand with the masses, Peek Freans biscuits make for a great snack following any meal.

What makes them unique is that they help cater to a range of varying taste pallets. For instance, if you like your biscuits to have an element of chocolate in them, then you can try their Chocolicious.

You can't go wrong with trying biscuits from Peek Freans.

If you are someone who likes jam filled biscuits then try their Jam Delights. Similarly, those who prefer nuts in their biscuits can try out their Peanut Pik and Peanut Pista.

Whatever your preference maybe, Peak Freans has it all. Which is why it is highly popular and beloved by so many.

3) Bisconni

If you are a chocolate lover, then Bisconni is the biscuit brand for you. The brand offers a great range of chocolate flavored treats with one of their most infamous being Cocomo.

Bisconni biscuits are an absolute delight.

The small chocolate filled biscuits are extremely yummy and are a personal favorite of many Pakistanis. Apart from Cocomo, other chocolate flavored biscuits that resonate well with the masses include Chocolatto. They also offer other types of biscuits such as Craving, FLO and Novita.

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