New Campaign By Zainab Salman Has Touched Many Hearts Including Her Father’s

Zainab Salman has used her craft to tell her dad everything she has never been able to express to him but he is not the only one whose heart she touches.

The campaign, which is a homage to all fathers who have raised strong girls, aims to communicate with the designer’s audience, boost demand by expressing something near to her heart, and challenge the fashion status quo.

There is a sense of grief yet a sigh of relief for finally I could express my love for him in words and in my work ‘Pyaare Baba’ – It’s what I’ve been meaning to say all my life” said Zainab Salman in her Instagram post.

In the revealing post for the campaign, Zainab Salman said this is a shoutout to all the dads and especially hers.

“A tribute to all the fathers who have raised beautiful, strong daughters. Dedicating this campaign to my father.” Model Zara Peerzada is shown in the film writing a letter to her father, which serves as the voiceover for the video.

According to Salman, the campaign includes a formal collection “Traditional methods and shapes were updated and combined with a modern look. It is refined, thereby offering formal wear a new viewpoint.” She described the collection as a sequence of delicate textiles with lovely needlework adorned with sequins and jewels. She described the pastel, shimmering lehengas as “a sight for sore eyes.”

When asked why she devoted her campaign to her father, she explained that she and her father have always had a very formal relationship. “He was quiet and reserved. I don’t recall ever being able to tell him, “ke main aap se bohat mohabbat karti hoon [that I love you a lot],” or simply “I love you.” I was always terrified of him!

“It wasn’t until last year, when we were on the verge of losing him, that I realised how much I adore him and how far I’ve gone in this journey due to his consistent, silent support.”

The designer revealed that these are the things she hasn’t been able to express to him until now, which is why she opted to inform him using her campaign Pyaare Baba, which she knows he watches.

The ambition of Zainab Salman company to “disrupt the current quo and develop a brand that is more than just clothing” inspired this campaign. Her fashion line, she claims, emphasises community progress via individuals and their emotions. “As a result, I wanted to use this ad to bring my deep connection with my dad to the forefront,” she explained.

The future objectives of Zainab Salman include defying fashion preconceptions and changing fashion standards to allow easy access.

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