Nothing Is As It Seems- Saboor Aly’s act causes chaos

Saboor Aly's Insta story causes lots of controversies. One thoughtless act had unexpected consequences.


Actress Saboor Aly recently posted an Instagram story in which it was portrayed as she was mocking a window cleaner. It showed that she was making fun of him with Shaheefa Jabbar Khattak for just doing his job. People didn’t respond well to this; started bashing her because of which she had to turn off her comment section on Instagram. In her video, Actor Affan Waheed was heard trying to deflect the conversation away from the mockery. In fact, he supported the guy and said, “Mehnat kar raha hai.”

Her Instagram story went viral and she was massively criticized for making jokes about such insensitive topics and being ungratefully privileged. After that, she clarified that the guy was her friend and an Associate Director of the TV show she’s working on. The actor defended her video by stating that people should look more into the context before posting whatever! But the public isn’t deceived by her lack of genuine apology.

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Elitists trying to justify their crass behavior is cringe worthy. Just apologize for your mistakes, accept it and move on. Really how hard is that? Even if it is a friend, she still made joke about a profession by showing it’s inferior which is wrong on so many levels.

However, there are people who are totally supporting her and calling out haters as “hypocrites” as they also must joke around like this with their acquaintances and friends!