Official Website of Pcb Got Hacked

Website of PCB hacked by some hackers

The official website of PCB got hacked during the match of Pakistan and Bangladesh on Friday. Pakistan had scored 315 runs in the match against Bangladesh and won the match by 94 runs, but it still wasn’t enough to qualify for the semi-finals.

The group who hacked the PCB website identified themselves as the ‘CrashRulers’ and supported the Pakistani team. Their message mentioned corruption and they showed their support for the current captain Sarfaraz and the whole team.

The message concluded with:

To bring up the average five persons in your family, you do corruption. Corruption might lead to temporary happiness but kills the right of Pakistan’s awam (People). How you will show at judgement day? We’re onto you [SIC]

The also mentioned:

We are with Our Team, Pakistan Zindabad