On The Editor’s Radar – Issue #03

Fatma Khalil's picks - February '18


Pancakes, waffles, croissants and bagels – all too ferangi for my taste buds. Never craved for any of these foreign edible matters until I discovered ‘Bag a Bagel’. So while I continued my life in the glory of homemade wholesome paratha or my usual multigrain bread, a friend sends me some bagels in two flavors – Olive & Herbs and Cinnamon & Raisins or so I recall. In the absence of any naan, the next Sunday morning, when I wanted to savor some leftover deadly nihari and dhaaga fry kabab with ammi, I did so with Bag a Bagel’s Olive & Herb flavoured ones! This one snap where ‘east met west’ in the quirkiest way created outrage on my Snapchat,any questioned my sanity and were not amused with my sense of combination whatsoever. But we loved it! Why write off something without even trying? I have literally “subscribed” to these bagels ever since to be had every weekend for those at-home big, mighty breakfasts. Simply yum! Whatsapp your bunch at: 0336 203 6218 and try it with butter or cheese maybe, if not nihari? 😉

Bag a Bagel with Nalli Nihari… serious!



Sufi Humour is the thought spot online of a humorous Sufi soul made of faith, spirituality, madness, humour – Yours Truly that be ☺

A platform wherein I have lately been sharing my real life experiences and unforgettable moments spent with some truly special individuals who either were mere visitors on a brief note or are here to stay as residents in my life.

Follow my writings @SufiHumour on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you like knowing people in all their candidness and sensitivity.

Sufi Humour by Fatma Khalil



CocoChan – another great addition to the Pan Asian cuisine eateries of Karachi is on everyone’s lips now when it comes to trying a new place once and then back to back to back! What lavish décor and atmosphere – more so because of the plush emerald green velvet couches, bright lighting and craftily woodworked walls & overall setting in beige.

The food ranges from Japanese, Thai to the usual Chinese. I’m so glad the waiter recommended Beef Tepenyaki to us as their popular entrée’ and we now know exactly why it is their bestseller! If CocoChan is on your radar too for your next dine-out, or you already are a regular there, needn’t even blink before placing an order for your portion of their heavenly Beef Tepenyaki!



You know those times when you pat yourself on your back to have done the right thing at the right time? That moment for me would be my recent trip to JY Studio. I am so glad I decided to get some interesting babylights done and ended up finding out how only Areeba Farooq – Senior Stylist @ JY Studio boasts of this tricky & unique new hair-coloring technique that is catching up the trend brigade globally like crazy lately.

So basically if you’re a Karachiite and looking to flaunt some delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique that mimics the subtle, dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair, Areeba Farooq is your only savior and fantabulous she is at that!

I didn’t have to wait a minute above my appointment and in no time found myself admiring the beautiful sun-kissed hair Areeba created for me including the flirty layers framing my face just the way I’d like 😀

Yes animal-filters are funnily enough a norm now, so let’s not be startled :p



Mahmut Orhan’s SAVE ME and FEEL!

Go watch these gorgeous videos now to pick your moods right up to the moon in no time! 25 year-old Mahmut Orhan is a Turkish DJ and producer.

Orhan started working with music in Bursa when he was just 15 and moved to Istanbul to work at a night club in 2011. His first hit was the 2015 instrumental track “Age of Emotions”. His song “Feel” featuring Sena Şener has been an international commercial success, appearing in many record charts across the globe.

Image result for mahmut orhan videos



Pakistan’s most celebrated artist’s breath-taking work unveiled recently in Lahore after a good six years ever since his last exhibit. Though I am not as art savvy it takes, I can generously express as to how the vivid portraits of a mysterious gypsy woman has left me awestruck for times to come.



No words can do justice to the magnitude of Padmavat’s grandeur.

Just. Watch. It. And. Watch. It. More. Than. Once.





HOME 1947

HOME1947 by Sharmeen obaid was a truly rich & emotionally stimulating tour down the year of partition in the word of survivors – mankind’s greatest migration.

All the stories I heard from my maternal uncle and aunt came alive. So did some fond memories of Hyderabad Deccan that our 23 year old father brought along three decades later and poured onto us by the time we were wise enough to cherish them.