On The Editor’s Radar – Issue #05

Fatma Khalil's picks of the month

Movenpick Spa

Not many of us would know that in the basement floor of Movenpick Hotel, there lies the remains of an ancient castle! Kidding. There is a full-fledged, exotic spa with a wide array of luxuriously relaxing massages, conducted by an Indonesian masseuse who comes with experience of years she’s gathered having worked in Seychelles, Bali and in the Europe region. I chose a full-body deep tissue massage where literally all the aching muscle knots of my shoulder and back were addressed ever so keenly that it felt sensational! Must try!


Don’t Trust the Bxxch in Apartment #23

Looking for a light, no brainer, comical and glossy chick flick? This Netflix original be it. Story of two roommates in New York, the good girl brushing off her goodness on to the “bxxch and in turn learning how to toughen up for this bustling new city she’s just moved to and finding a friend (well, almost) in this roomie alone.  The character, Chloe is disturbingly endearing.


Mizka Studio

While by now it is established among Karachites as to how awesome the young and super creative colorist Mahnoor Mizka is, let me also declare her the ultimate savior when it comes to tricky jobs like color correction. I went to her with a desperate plea to fix the disaster my hair recently met, what with thick yellow disproportionate chunks of blatant streaks. Not only did she successfully manage to cut the brassiness off and bring my hair to ashier tones, she also took my mane to back to dark – a medium brown among other technical stuff. It was a toughie, fixing my complicated situation and she did so in no time, seamlessly.

My hair looks great now. So whenever you consider to freshen up your hair color or get a new one, Mizka Studio is the place I’d highly recommend. Also, it’s really economical and great value for money, considering the quality and precision of services provided.



Miniso Yogurt Mini Face Mask

Miniso at Forum Mall is quite a wonderland with it’s truly intriguing range of products from Japan like audio speakers, stuff toys, towels, footwear and skincare among others. I recently went to pick myself a proper reading lamp and alongside bought three yogurt mini face masks – White Tree, Chamomile and Ocean Minerals. They are good break for your face especially if you have an oily skin like mine. The yogurt cools the skin down and freshens it up at that first splash of water post 20 minutes of keeping the mask on. Do try!




Mango Peshawari Icecream

Oh to this I recently wrote on my writings page @sufiHumour :

Enough said.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is goodness of both the worlds actually. It’s a fast paced flow of asanas that keeps your caloric deficit going alongside some major stretching and strength training. Needless to say, all forms of yoga restores mental balance and enhances our cognitive abilities and so does the power packed Vinyasa yoga. My favorite class is right there on YouTube: 45 Minute Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class – Five Parks Yoga. Try and thank me later.



Valley is exactly where Flemish earlier was; in the lane adjacent to Sattar Buksh. What takes me there mostly is their really prettily done up outdoor seating area and those yumsome mozzarella sticks which are easily the best in town.

It is one of the most pleasant spots for you to laze at if you wish to be out in the open air till late as that place closes much later compared to others. Valley has a little party room too where we recently celebrated a midnight birthday bash and quite enjoyed the overall ambiance. I mean who doesn’t like color teal and ferry lights right?