On the Editor’s Radar – Issue #07

On Editor’s Radar in issue #07….

Nueplex Cinema
Screen quality – check, sound quality – check, seating comfort – check, pleasant temperature
maintained – check, fresh snacks served at your seat – check, overall ambiance – check!!!
Karachi’s first ever rooftop cinema checks all the boxes for you which having heard about its’ addition to
the city’s recreational options might have been your concern before really going to catch a film in the
open air. I loved watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ a few weekends ago amidst light rain shower.
The management did give us the option to either get a refund or an exchange to another show
somewhere downstairs or up at the rooftop later in case of heavy rain. But through drizzling, we did just
fine. It in fact added to the experience of open cinema. Must go!

Raaz Coffee
Dear coffee fanatics, please excuse this chai freak if you ever get to treat yourself to the third wave,
specialty Raaz Coffee, fresh roasted right here at the facility located in Karachi, lavish for its ace coffee
roasting machines and impeccably trained staff! Excuse me if my review doesn’t do justice to the
goodness of this unique coffee that comes from the heart of its makers, to say the least! Since my
tastebuds are not tuned to coffee all that much, I was recommended a medium roast, fine grind (as I
was to prepare it on kettle at home).

The strong yet soothing aroma, while it brewed to perfection in the kettle simply lit up my house and
everyone wanted a cup to themselves to reboot their systems – literally! I had mine with milk and for
the first time met coffee like never before! It brought the taste buds alive, I didn’t think existed. The
bright, fruity lift from Raaz Coffee’s Ethiopian house blend left me both in good moods and in the
excitement that I can finally enjoy coffee too like my friends!

Azmat Ali Bhai is a fellow yogi, a stroke survivor, an office yoga trainer and above all a beautiful soul
with countless certifications in the field of nutrition and health. She is also the founder of Innergize – a
newly launched nutritional supplement with no added GMO, preservatives, gluten and sugars etc. Lately
she not just recommended but was kind enough to also send my way a supplement from her range
called Restore that is 100% magnesium. To my amazement, it actually helped in healing my stubborn
knee ligament injury of months!

Additionally, I noticed how my muscles didn’t spasm anymore post resistance training An article from
Azmat Ali Bhai on ‘The Importance of Magnesium’ in this very issue can further educate you on the
broad array of benefits this mineral has to offer for our bodily functions to run smoothly! Restore from
Innergise will sure stay among my must-have supplements!

Reformer Pilates
It keeps many glitzy celebrities extra fit across the border including Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.  After practicing for the last 14 years and now teaching Mat & Standing Pilates since a year and a half, I’m ecstatic to have access to Reformer Pilates at studios like FZM  – the most wonderful movement system that surprisingly challenges & sculpts me every day by the end of a class. This is hardcore resistance training, intelligently engaging even the smallest of your muscles all out in a sinfully low-impact manner. The magic of Reformer Pilates runs so much deeper than just a flat tummy. You notice the difference in how your body looks and move, improving your alignment, posture, strength & flexibility.

Okra Chaat at Kanteen
Oh holy heavens, even the thought of it waters my mouth all over again, just much the sight of it did as
it arrived on my table the other day! I mean I love bhindi to the moon and back; take very well to the
other two main ingredients – the gram flour and spinach too. It’s the most divine mini-meal for me, just
round the corner in my neighborhood, at Kanteen. So if you too watch for no added sugars and wheat
flours in your food, this easily can be your absolute go-to snack before or after your evenings workouts

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