Our Favorite Music Video Picks

We all our fully aware of what music is, there is no denial in the fact that music can be very influencing.  Similarly music videos have an impact on the audience too. It tells us a story relating to the lyrics of the song or sometimes it could be entirely different. Today we share with you our top favorite picks of the best music videos.


Coldplay is famous for making meaningful songs and music videos. Our favorite is Paradise. As beautiful as the song, Paradise portrays a deep meaningful message that standing out and being different is acceptable too. The story of the song unfolds with an elephant escaping from a zoo, and finding his way back to his type of crowd and finally settling in. In the end it is revealed that it is cold play members masked under the elephant outfit.

Billie Jean-Michael Jackson:

Billie Jean is a hit from Jackson’s album ‘Thriller’. The song was made when a Jackson fan claimed that she is his lover and Jackson has fathered her child. The music video  interestingly shows that Jackson is being followed by a paparazzi. It also features Jackson’s famous dance moves.

Justin Bieber- Where are u now:

This music video was a hit just like any other Justin Bieber song. The song was featured by Diplo and the video incorporates arts and graffiti which express Bieber’s feelings about his lover. Overall, it is an artistic music video.

Taylor Swift-Look what you made me do:

This music video or short film shows that the old Taylor Swift’s reputation has died and sheds light on a new and completely different Taylor Sift. It showed a different side of Taylor Swift, something we haven’t seen before. Overall, it was a funny yet an interesting music video.

By Mariam Kazi