Paak Legion: Representing Pakistan’s Diversity.

The idea of a young creative Karachi resident, Paak Legion is a comic book that aims to shed a light on Pakistan's diversity.

Paak Legion is the brainchild of Umair Najeeb Khan, a young and creative visual artist from Karachi. The young artist aims to bring to light Pakistan’s diversity. The characters come from different parts of the country, with each having their own separate background and tales to tell.

Paak Legion gains notable attention for its equal and diverse representation of women in comic books. There are six female characters and each hail from different parts of the country. For instance, Divya is a Hindu women who comes from Sindh whereas Afsoon comes from Gilgit Baltistan.

Divya and Afsoon


Adding more to the diverse female representation is the fact that some of the female characters are mothers. For example; Samaa is an engineer as well as a mother of three children. The comic book also consists of characters that are old and young.



For example; Omran is a swordsmen from Quetta with a vast array of fighting experience behind him. The comic book also consists of young combatants as well. This can be seen through the character of Bazira who is the youngest member but the most fierce.

Omran and Bazira


The comic book aims to highlight key concepts of diversity and unity. The characters that hail from all corners of the country highlight the diversity of our nation. Working together as a cohesive unit highlights the unity factor and how regardless of their background, they work together for the greater good.

Through this comic book, Khan hopes to create awareness among the youth about the diverse make up of Pakistan as well as garner greater interest in Pakistani comic books and super heroes.

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