Pakistan and Afghanistan: Peace Negotiations

President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi in talks with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, HNCR of Afghanistan, to negotiate peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistani President, Dr. Arif Alvi, met with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) of Afghanistan, and stated that there was no point in going to war with Afghanistan, military solutions are not the answer. To entail peace, Pakistan and Afghanistan must come to a mutually decided political agreement.

Arif Alvi further expressed his support to Dr. Abdullah, saying that Pakistan will stand behind whatever decision that is taken by the High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan. He stated that it is important for the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan to adopt patience and perseverance for peacebuilding.

Furthermore, in an attempt to improve relations; Pakistan has developed multiple projects in Afghanistan, which include hospitals, schools, road networks, and hostels. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, while seated at the Round Table event hosted by the Centre of Research and Security Studies (CRSS) that Pakistan and Afghanistan have the opportunity at hand to begin a new era of bilateral relations, based on mutual respect and shared prosperity.

He appreciated Pakistan’s attempts at peacebuilding strategies, such as Pakistan encouraging trade and improving the Pak-Afghan border to raise trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with the announcement of the new visa policy.

Dr. Abdullah claimed that he had been wanting to visit Pakistan for a very long time and the peace negotiations between Pakistan and Afghanistan gave him the perfect window to seize the opportunity. “Peace and prosperity in both Pakistan and Afghanistan are interdependent,” he says as both states can no longer afford to play the blame game and remain in conflict.

“We need to consider the current geopolitical shifts and draw the necessary lessons. Our collective goal should be to reduce tensions, promote moderation, increase regional connectivity, trade, transit, economic integration, business to business, and more importantly, people to people interactions,” he said.

Upon which, Imtiaz Gul, Director CRSS titled Dr. Abdullah as a “man for peace” and thanked him for allowing the smooth functioning of Pakistan’s sponsored projects in his state.

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