Pakistani Cosmetics Brands Which Are A Must Try

Pakistan's Cosmetics Industry has really amped up a lot since the 2000s. Here is a list of local makeup brands which we are loving at the moment

The cosmetic industry in Pakistan has been in full swing and has really stepped up its game. Their quality products, variety, and affordability make us reach for these local makeup brands instead of expensive foreign ones.

Back in the 90s and 2000s, you’d probably only heard of two local brands Saeed Ghani and Medora, but now we have several brands who have amped up the cosmetic industry of Pakistan. Although it’s a work in progress and there are several products with hits and misses, we are on our way to a boom in the Pakistani cosmetic industry.

Most of these brands are skin and ethics conscious and have products catering to most skin types. This along with their quality gives these brands western cosmetic industry standards.

Here is a list of brands you can count on for high-quality products with loads of variety and affordability.

Beautify by Amna (BBA)

Products by Beautify By Amna (BBA) not only have top-notch quality products but no one can resist their gorgeous colorful packaging. Their products and makeup tools are some of the best in the Pakistani cosmetic industry.

The new Florence palettes released by BBA are irresistible and makeup fanatics are going nuts over it. The brand’s makeup tools, 24k gold & roses serum, and liquid lipsticks are its bestsellers but the rest of its products are no less.

Not only that but BBA has a huge skincare line and has recently also dived into haircare products. BBA products are insanely cheap but if it wasn’t enough, they offer amazing bundle deals as well.

If I convinced you to buy BBA products, which you should, go on their website

Luscious Cosmetics

This cosmetic line makes amazing and high pigmented products but if that was not enough they are also cruelty-free and vegan products, which just makes it way better.

Luscious is a part of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has environmentally friendly production.

The huge product range of the line is impeccable. From contour kits to cheek tints, from multiple eye pencils to several types of brow kits. And much more including a wide variety of makeup tools.

Pakistani makeup artists are head over heels for luscious lipstick collections and it is definitely justified.

After this, I am pretty sure you will be buying Luscious products. So I will make it easy for you.

Zayfied Beauty

Zayfied Beauty’s aesthetic packaging and unique product names alone is a reason alone for me to buy from this cosmetic line. But of course, the brand is not just all stunning packaging and catching names. Zayfied doesn’t have a huge product range yet but they don’t compromise on the quality.

Their products are made of the best ingredients which won’t make your skin breakout and lets your skin breathe. They have a huge range of liquid lipsticks which are the talk of the town. From a variety of nude shades to pink, browns, reds, and even purples.

And Zayfied is one of the few brands providing International shipping as well because the products are worth it.

Resisting this kind of packaging and these high-quality products is impossible. So here you go:

Entice Cosmetics 

If you are searching for top-grade quality cosmetics which is pigmented and use ingredients that will let your skin breathe, look no further because you found your match at Entice Cosmetics.

Entice is another brand that is in favor of a vegan and cruelty and paraben-free approach but additionally, it ensures the use of halal ingredients in their products. And its minimalistic and eye-catching packaging surely reminds me of packaging used in the western cosmetics industry.

It has a range of products, from lipsticks to beauty blenders. And Entice’s Bubblegum Rriming Portion and 24k Gold Moisturizing and Blurring Portion is a must in your cosmetic bags. The ingredients used in it are natural and light on the skin as well the minimalistic and elegant packaging makes it irresistible.

The company is also diving into skincare but only has two products in the category however they are no less.

Lipsticks and Primers of this brand, surely no one can look past and not buy.

Masarrat Misbah

Yet another cosmetic brand changing the dynamics of the Pakistani cosmetics industry. Masarrat Misbah is an inspiration in the Pakistani cosmetic industry and she even owns a salon, Diplex, which caters to women feeling beautiful.

Masarrat’s best-selling product from the line is her Silk Foundation which is made keeping in mind the Asian skin of Pakistani women. But the brand’s product portfolio includes lipsticks, contour palettes, primers, eyeliners, and several kinds of brow products.

However, her foundation is all the hype and you would be missing out if you don’t try it.

I am pretty sure I convinced you so here you go:

Mana Beauty Spirit

And last but not least is Mana Beauty Spirit. If you are a lip and cheek tint lover like I am then Mana Beauty Spirit will become your one true love.

Pakistani MUA has been raving about its famous cheek and lip tint for years. But the brand is not only famous for its tint. Their concealers, tinted BB creams, primers, contour palettes, powder blushes, mascara, and highlighters are also loved by MUAs and makeup fanatics.

And if that wasn’t enough the brand also has a skincare range which is one of the best in the industry. You can even find travel-size botanical perfume blends in different amazing scents.

And if you are a lover of cute packaging, well there is no resisting the brand now. The brand’s skincare and makeup range has the cutest and the most minimalistic packaging there can be.

There is no way you are resisting Mana’s popular tint every makeup artist is raving about so here you go

These are just a few amazing local brands changing the dynamic of the Pakistani cosmetics industry. However, these are not and there are other amazing brands up and coming.

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