Pakistanis React to PTA Banning Tinder

In a recent decision, the PTA banned Tinder, Grindr, Tagged, and Skout, citing that they contained "immoral content" for Pakistanis. 

In a recent decision, the PTA banned Tinder and 4 other dating apps, citing that they contained “immoral content” for Pakistanis.

The PTA said “keeping in view the negative effects of immoral/indecent content streaming through the above applications”, it had issued notices to the five platforms’ managements, asking them to remove “dating services” and moderate live streaming content “in accordance with the local laws of Pakistan”.

“Since the platforms did not respond to the notices within the stipulated time therefore the authority issued orders for blocking of the said applications,” the press release stated.

It added, however, that the PTA can “reconsider blocking” of the said applications provided their company managements assure adherence to local laws “with respect to moderating the indecent/immoral content through meaningful engagement”.

Pakistan bans five online dating apps including Tinder

Shahzad Ahmad, director of digital rights group Bytes For All, slammed the PTA for their decision of moral policing the people of Pakistan. “If adults choose to be on an app, it is not for the state to dictate whether they should use it or not.”

He added that the ban was “a completely ridiculous move” that people would find ways to circumvent.

In a statement, Tinder said it would “welcome the opportunity to discuss our product and moderation efforts with the [PTA] and look forward to a meaningful conversation.”

Pakistanis also reacted to the news of PTA banning Tinder via social media.


How do you feel about the PTA banning Tinder for Pakistanis for “immoral content”? Are they right or are their priorities mixed up? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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